Case Study

BDO Employee Recognition


BDO is the fifth largest accountancy network in the world with over 1,000 branches in 100 countries. The organisation has operations throughout the UK, and offers auditing,consultancy and tax services to companies in the private and public sectors. BDO currently employs over 2,000 individuals in the UK.

The Brief

As one of the UK’s top employers, BDO has a consistent and positive track record of recognising and rewarding their staff. However, an impediment to the success of their previous reward and recognition programme was that it was not delivered uniformly across the organisation. As such, the reward programme required a review and total refresh.

BDO approached Motivates to help with the implementation of a new and innovative one-stop employee reward and recognition solution. The programme needed to be entirely transparent and include a desirable range of rewards for staff. Because the previous reward programme was not centralised, budget control was also a key concern. The new scheme would need to effectively rectify all of these issues.

Our Solution

Recognising BDO’s layered concerns, Motivates suggested implementing a simpler, more straight-forward recognition programme. The focus of the scheme was to acknowledge employees’ achievements and commitment to their work. With BDO, we created the ‘One Firm, Clients First’ employee reward programme.

The online-based reward and recognition scheme offered our signature Lifestyle voucher as the main reward. Our Lifestyle vouchers give customers access to the high street and more including holidays for two, nights out, electronics, beauty and spa treats, and much more. Adding versatility to the programme, staff could also choose to be awarded in teams. In these specific cases each team could book their own exciting and fun-filled team day out.

The scheme was easily administered and managed by BDO Recognition Coordinators and therefore could easily be tracked against monthly budget targets. In addition to implementing and supporting the management of the scheme, Motivates provided marketing and collateral material. Our Creative Team developed launch packs which detailed the purpose and logistics of the programme. The co-branded creative material enhanced the visibility of the scheme and highlighted its bespoke nature.

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