Motivate your employees
Reward your customers
Inspire your partners

These are the people who are getting you where you want to be. So naturally, you want to show your appreciation and to invest in the relationships that are building your success. It's good business and makes life more fun for everyone. What's not to like?

But memorable events and meaningful engagement activities don't happen by themselves. It takes skill, hard work and attention to detail. And an instinct for glitch-solving that only comes with years of experience.

That's what we at Motivates are all about. We work with you to create imaginative reward, recognition, incentive and motivation strategies. Organise events, celebrations and experiences that bring your brand to life. And show the great people in your world just how much you value them.

Communication is Key

Our relationship with you begins with a conversation that gives us insight into your organisation's aims and culture, and what your motivation programme needs to achieve.

Everything we do is based on that understanding. We enrich, monitor and review this knowledge throughout the project, to ensure our solutions are always aligned with your business direction.

We will design, implement and communicate your motivation strategy.
We help you track results and demonstrate ROI.
We give you the tools to promote best behaviours, improve engagement, performance and productivity.

Working with us is like having your very own in-house motivation specialist

What our clients say

The best recommendations come from the people who've worked with us. Read and download our latest client case studies to find out more about our approach, results and effectiveness.