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The all-in-one greetings and gift card

Introducing buzz – the instant, personalised reward card that’s also a Lifestyle Voucher.

Simply hand-write a personal message, load up with any value of Lifestyle Voucher and reward or gift that deserving someone – instantly!

Having a selection of great rewards on tap to thank and recognise your great people isn’t easy and certainly isn’t feasible for every business. That’s why buzz is so great. No need for big budgets or integrated recognition systems.

Create a buzz – now!


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Why buzz?

We’ve all been there. We need to give an on the spot gift but have nothing to hand so off we go to the local supermarket for a low quality card and a generic gift. No choice and lots of effort to organise.

Choose buzz and have instant, all-in-one greetings and gift cards at your fingertips.

  • They’re free!
  • Personalise with your own hand-writing
  • Keep them in your draw for that on the spot moment
  • No contract or fees
  • Four different themes
  • Branding options available

On-the-spot rewards that recognise a job well done or that acknowledge when someone has gone above and beyond, are a great way to motivate your team and make people feel valued.


buzz is powered by everyone’s favourite reward, The Lifestyle Voucher.

Not only does buzz give you the power to gift with a personalised card but the gift itself offers choice from 120+ retailers. So, whatever they want a coffee, watch a box set, grab a takeaway, spoil themselves to a new pair of shoes or a trip to the flicks – they can treat themselves any time day or night… all thanks to you!

Lucky recipients can choose from over 120 of the UK’s best-loved brands.

Including the UK’s top high street and online retailers as well as cinemas, holidays, days out and over 16000 pubs and restaurants

How it works


Select a theme for the card.


Write your personal message.

Top up

Any value from £10 up (in increments of £5).


Hand the buzz card to rewardee.

Witness them buzz’ing

All thanks to you!


Rewardee claims their Lifestyle Voucher.

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