At Home Rewards

Keep your people productive with The Lifestyle Voucher!

Bringing your employees together has never been more important.

Be more connected by delivering rewards straight to their inbox.

Our Lifestyle eVoucher At Home Rewards are digital, instant, free to send and offer the broadest range of home delivery and download options. Best of all, your employees won’t need to leave the house to go shopping, get takeaways or enjoy a night in.  

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Safe cycling solutions

Help those staff who are ready to avoid public transport get safely back to work. With the Lifestyle voucher they can choose from accessories like locks and helmets or even a new bike or eBike. Even something as small as a water bottle will help your people feel valued and take that small step back to normality in a simple and healthy manner.

Lunch on you!

As ever the way to your people’s hearts is through their stomachs. A small reward goes a long way on JustEat or Deliveroo and keeps them and their families happy. Give them a Lifestyle eVoucher for a delicious takeaway or healthy food delivery and watch their productivity boost.

Give them rewards that help them stay active

Being active is an important part of our physical and mental wellbeing, but being stuck indoors doesn’t make it easy to keep moving! Get them enthusastic about keeping active with yoga mats or sports wear and more.  

Evening Entertainment – great nights in!

Did you know that almost a third of workers struggle to ‘switch off’ from work in their personal time? Right now, living and working in their personal space will make this even harder! More importantly switching off from work is vital for our wellbeing and productivity. Help them unwind with some in-home entertainment. A favourite film, the latest box set or even some music. Give them a much needed opportunity to relax and destress.


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