We are B Corp Certified!

You may have seen the news that Motivates is now B Corp™ Certified. We caught up with our Chairman, Bill Alexander to discuss what becoming B Corp™ Certified means to him and to the Motivates team.

“Making the decision to become B Corp™ Certified is not something to take lightly, it involves a very real time commitment to review processes, policies and documentation as well as completing questionnaires to demonstrate that the business meets the requirement of being a force for good.   We have closely analysed every aspect of the business – from our core processes, our employment policies and proposition and our environmental impact. Becoming certified was absolutely something we wanted to do, but it was certainly a team effort and not simply a box ticking exercise!

There are many reasons that people choose to become a B Corp™. For many, it attracts employees who feel passionately about the same principles. It also demonstrates to suppliers and partners the focus of the business. For us, it was a chance to clearly demonstrate that we are focused on purpose as well as profit – and that it’s good for business!

Throughout the process, we found that many of the principles of being a B Corp™ aligned with how we have operated the business, including some core principles including:

  • Doing good business with good people.
  • Carefully selecting our team members, partners and clients because they have that special something.
  • Being a force for good and a force for change.
  • Making good business decisions that will improve lives, either through our own charitable endeavours, partnerships or through our working processes.
  • Wanting to build a business in a way that left the planet in a better state than we found it.
  • Our commitment to improving local areas with our volunteering programme, our recycling and product improvement initiatives.
  • Having fun!

This is just the start of our journey as we continue to improve and focus on our three key pillars – people, planet and profit – and we hope you too will join us on the BCorp journey.”

Bill and the Motivates Team