Top events for remote teams

Sadly, gone are the days of office banter and comradery – for many of us, remote work options, hybrid work setups, and job sharing means we can easily feel isolated and disconnected. That’s why work events matter so much – and why you feel the pressure to get them right but have no fear, because we’ve rounded up the best picks to help get your remote teams better connected.

Here are some of the best events we recommend for remote team bonding:

Wine/Chocolate/Cheese Tasting:

Guaranteed to tickle their tastebuds, hosting a virtual tasting party is a great way to get your team together! All you need is a virtual conferencing package and the items that they eat or drink. You can arrange for each attendee to have a budget or a gift card to purchase the items or just send them everything they need. Add an expert to talk through the items, run a quiz or share videos, and make sure to set a cut-off time, so people feel comfortable leaving.

Team Up and Present:

Task your teams to do a presentation on anything and everything! Get creative with ideas like “Most commonly said at Company X…” or “If there was a zombie apocalypse – what would we do at Company X?” It’s a fun way to get people working together on concepts and ideas, and everyone can present and have a giggle.

Come Dine With Me:

Have people worldwide? A yummy strategy could be a “Come Dine With Me” event where each person creates an ingredient list for a traditional dish (or alternative) and shares it with the team. You can choose how to recreate it; the person can guide you through a virtual cooking lesson, or you can engage a virtual chef to give tips and hints. Or simply set up an evening where you all cook something simultaneously and eat together virtually. Just make sure to get the timings right and give plenty of notice.

Virtual Escape Room:

Challenge your team to solve puzzles and complete challenges within a certain timeframe with virtual escape rooms! These virtual experiences are conducted through various platforms like Zoom, and they’re a great way to promote teamwork, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and trust in one another. With different themes and difficulty levels available, virtual escape rooms can be customized to fit the unique needs and interests of your team.

Best in-person events for remote teams

When you opt to bring teams together in person, it might be the first time they’ve ever met and therefore it’s key that your events kick off with an icebreaker to get people engaging fast and to avoid those cringeworthy awkward silences.

Here are some interesting events to help your team get social!

  1. Murder mystery party 

You can host an evening murder mystery party where attendees are literally tasked with getting to ask other people questions to identify the murderer in their midst! While everyone is in character, this helps people feel like they are able to talk to anyone in the room. We have run a variety of similar sessions and handle the bookings so that you can ensure the actors and teams you get are entertaining and inclusive to help deliver an experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons!

  1. Adrenaline days 

Why not kickstart the day with a hit of adrenaline, with tamer alternatives for those less likely to get involved.  A great example is something like axe throwing. The act is a great way to release adrenaline, but there is also ample chance to simply watch, take score, film or just throw a lighter axe or a knife and laugh if you don’t quite hit the mark.

Or you could release the speed demons and head go karting – again, some can have the thrill of the race, and others can spectate.

Some other ideas to consider:

  • Tank driving
  • Team sports
  • Classic ‘school games’
  • Birds of prey experience
  • Paintballing
  • Shark diving
  • Scuba
  • Water sport activities
  1. Classic team building 

You can’t beat classic team building, it really is the best way to get everyone in the team, whatever their role in the business may be, interacting and working together. If you want to connect with a remote team, the best way is for them to have a shared moment. By offering a team building event, you can fast track people to engage and laugh and get into ‘their role’ – the leader, the one with the funny idea, the joker…

We have a huge range of exciting team-building events that are modern, fresh and guaranteed to crack a smile – chat to our friendly team today to find out more.