How to Have a Greener Business: Celebrate Earth Day with These Tips

Happy Earth Day! In honour of this special day, we wanted to share some tips on how to have a greener business. We know that many of our readers are passionate about sustainability and want to do their part in preserving our planet. (That’s why we’ve added so many sustainable options to our reward card!)

There are many things that your employees and staff can do to help make your business more environmentally friendly. Read on for our top tips!

Talk to your teams about transport

Working from the office? Encourage employees to share cars to work take public transportation, or ride their bikes to work and think about how you could make this easier, whether offering vouchers for a new bike or accessories, or by helping connect team members who would be willing to share a ride.

The effects of commuting by car on the environment are huge, and you may be able to incentivise a reduction of this for your teams. If everyone in your company carpooled, you could make a huge impact on reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Think about the food you’re serving

Sustainable and local eating is becoming more popular each year. If you offer on site meals, consider using sustainable and locally sourced ingredients in your dishes.

When it comes to employees’ own dishes that they bring in – make it cool to reuse! You may want to think about rewarding colleagues for ‘best leftovers of the week/ month’! Eating leftover food reduces food waste, which is great for the environment.

You can also install a kitchen compost system to make it easy for employees to get rid of their food waste. You can even offer incentives like a Lifestyle Voucher for those who participate as a reward!

Reduce paper waste

You can cut back on lots of paper use by using digital documents and files instead of physical ones wherever possible. You may already implement a recycling programme at your office – but are employees using it and understanding why they should? Perhaps it’s time for a refresher course.

Want to make recycling fun?

  • Run a competition to see who can collect the most recyclable materials in a week
  • Give a Lifestyle voucher to the employee with the best recycling tips
  • Have a themed day where everyone dresses up in green!

Use the right rewards!

One extra easy way to make your business more sustainable is to offer employees lifestyle vouchers. Lifestyle vouchers can be used for a variety of rewards, meaning there is no waste.

Wasted gift vouchers cause environmental damage and can end up in landfill. Lifestyle vouchers can be used for experiences, days out, food treats and more, so employees can use them how they wish.