Happiness is a State of Mind: How to Be Happy Every Day

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s something that we all want, but it’s not always easy to find. On March 20th, we celebrate the International Day of Happiness. This is a day where we focus on ways to be happy every day, no matter what life throws our way.

When it comes to work environments, happiness matters. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. So, on this International Day of Happiness, let’s commit to making our workplaces places where people can be happy every day.

There are many different ways that individuals can improve their own happiness. Some of the most important include practising self-compassion, setting goals that inspire us, and spending time with people who make us happy.

How can managers improve employee happiness?

There are a few things that managers can do to improve employee happiness. One of the most important is to create a positive work environment. This means fostering a culture where employees feel supported and appreciated. Managers can also encourage employees to take breaks, and allow them to have some flexibility in their schedules.

Employee happiness is important for many reasons. Happy employees are more productive, less likely to leave their jobs, and generally more able to produce great work and contribute to the business.

The top reasons for employee satisfaction in a survey by TINYpulse are as follows:

  • A positive work environment
  • Feeling appreciated by their managers
  • Having a good relationship with their co-workers
  • The ability to take breaks when needed

While we believe in the power of reward and recognition, often happiness comes from daily interactions. Some of the best tips we have for employee happiness are the following. (They might sound a little strange at first – but try them!)

– Start your day with a positive affirmation for you and your team before you get into work. Write it down, make it visible, send an email with it on. It is a little cheesy – but what have you got to lose?

-Make time for your employees to undertake things they enjoy outside of work on their lunch breaks. Encourage them to take breaks throughout the day to move their body and get some fresh air

-Lead by example and show the importance of them spending time with loved ones, both in person and virtually. This might be as small as decorating a desk with photos of loved ones, asking teams about their families and plans, or ensuring that they are taking their annual leave allowance.

-End your work day by encouraging managers to spend time with their teams reflecting on what went well today and expressing gratitude for the good parts of the work day.

No matter what else is going on in the world, we all deserve to feel happy every day. By making some small changes in our lives, you have the power to change someone’s mood!