Are you stuck in a rewards rut?

Employee rewards take time to implement which is why many companies offer the same incentives again and again. However, our experience shows the more flexible a reward strategy can be, the more interested and engaged your employees will be.

Alongside your current reward strategy it pays to launch seasonal rewards that are available for a short amount of time only. The shorter time frame makes rewards even more desirable and gives employees an extra boost to reach their goals.

Our Reward Experts have come up with a few employee rewards you can launch (quickly) to get your workforce excited and geared-up for the months ahead.

Lifestyle Vouchers ahead of weekends

On the spot rewards for everyone in the company is great for employee engagement. Keep an eye on the weather and watch out for cold weekends on the horizon. As soon as it looks like the country is in for a big freez issue a £20 Lifestyle voucher to everyone in your company. The message? “Stay warm and treat yourself this weekend.” The on-the-spot reward will put a smile on your employees’ faces and it’ll get the office talking on Monday about what they used their gift on!

Introduce a health and well-being reward

As well as smaller rewards, it can be effective to launch a bigger reward each quarter too. Getting outside and active, especially in the warmer months, has many benefits for employees. Fresh air and vitamin D helps with wellbeing, mental health, posture, bones, diet, and overall happiness. Launch a well-being reward. It can be anything from a weekend break, an exhilarating adventure, a family day out. The choices are endless, as long as it gets them outside. The beauty of our Lifestyle Voucher means your employees can access all of this and more in one place. Your investment will certainly pay off as the impact will last pre, during and post the reward.

A £10 Lifestyle Voucher to enjoy a time with peers

On a hot sunny day, one of the most rewarding things you can do for employees is allow them to finish early and socialise with peers. Launch a monthly reward for June, July and August where hardworking staff get to down tools at 4pm and receive a
£10 Lifestyle Voucher to treat themselves to time with colleagues.