Global Rewards Catalogue

The best wish list in the world.

With thousands of enticing gifts, trips and activities on display, skimming through our global rewards catalogue is a motivation! What's more, we can style it with your logo and branding, so you get the credit for putting all these amazing ideas at your employees' fingertips.

Global rewards catalogue

What we offer

What we offer

The phrase 'something for everyone' has never been more true. Trophy brands in any category you can think of... activities you've always wanted to try (and some you never even realised you wanted to)... adventure and travel options to induce severe Instagram envy... We've gone to the ends of the earth to ensure that virtually every personality is catered for.

Our very own products can also be incorporated into the catalogue, either as part of your online points platform or in the standalone catalogue. Plus, for your outstanding performers, we can include bespoke rewards - which could be anything from paying off a student loan, to funding dental treatment or a garden makeover.