Delivering Rewards

The medium is the message

How you deliver your Rewards programme is as important as the programme itself. It can be a lot for people to get their heads round in a busy day - and if they don't bother to do so, your investment and efforts are wasted. We make sure that your initiatives not only catch people's attention, but continue to engage them, with compelling benefits and ease of use.

Online Points Scheme

This online hub for all reward and incentive schemes is an increasingly popular way for companies to run their reward programmes. Designed, themed and branded to effectively market your scheme, it's designed so that employees, customers and channel partners will access it regularly - to check their points total, see what other people have been awarded and learn about incentives.


Every reward recipient has an account, which can be loaded with points. The recipient can then 'spend' these points at their chosen retail and entertainment outlet. They can also redeem from our full ranges of experiences, gifts, merchandise and hampers.

We'll discuss your company's requirements with you, and tailor the platform to the rewards you wish to include, the criteria for awarding them, and who has authorisation.

The online points scheme can also play a wider communication and engagement role. Features such as league tables, nominations, quizzes and gamification are easy to manage.

Offer what you want when you want!

The beauty of using our online points system is that it gives you complete flexibility and choice. Its modular design means you can add and remove functionality in real time - putting the right campaign, in front of the right people, at the right time.

Running a sales incentive programme and need to add a tactical double points campaign instantly? Done!

Want to add long service awards to your reward and recognition platform? Simple!

Introducing a week long incentive campaign to target your channel to sell a new product? Piece of cake!

You can change your widgets and modules as often as you like helping to increase engagement with your audience and ultimately maximise revenue.

Marketing Communications

Our creative team specialise in designing and producing materials to spread the word about your programmes, so your ongoing campaign is in safe hands. Brochures, posters, newsletters, e-shots, text messaging, interactive communication, app technology and more will ensure the message is firmly planted in hearts and minds across your organisation.

Marketing communications

Packaging Options

We deliver rewards in different formats to suit the occasion, your budget and what you want to achieve.

Lifestyle Voucher
Gift Pack

Lifestyle Voucher
Presented in premium packaging - which can be personilised with your company logo and a message to the recipient.

Gift Pack
Our signature red gift box creates a sense of excitement before it's even opened! Make even more impact by customising it with your logo and a personilised message. Or choose our free red envelope as a cost-effective, impactful choice for special occasions and campaigns.

Scratch Cards
eVouchers and eCodes

Scratch Cards
A fun, instant and budget-conscious way to brighten someone's day. You choose what recipients can win - whether it's a Lifestyle Voucher, gift, or a monetary value. Order over 500 cards and we'll add some bespoke magic too!

eVouchers and eCodes
Surprise and delight recipients with a digital Lifestyle Voucher sent direct to their inbox, or as an SMS.